Introducing Eco-Friendly Jewelry for Environment and Jewelry Lovers

_mg_1170-568‘Women’ and ‘Jewelry‘ – both the words are perfect synonyms. It is very hard to find a girl/women who don’t love jewelry. The material of the jewelry liked might change from person to person. But the common love and interest in jewelry don’t change. It is also a great way for individuals to express themselves in a fun, healthy way. But this beauty should not come at a cost to the environment.

Metal and gem mining around the world has created many environmental issues that are destroying our planet. Eco-Friendly Jewelry is the way to go! Many people stepped up to put an end to harming the environment just to compliment the outfits we wear. They have realized the terrible, dangerous effects jewelry making has on our environment and hence are showing interest in Eco-Friendly jewelry. Eco-Friendly jewelry is basically making the products from recycled metals, reuse antique materials, recycle all leftovers or partially used materials. This change must be highly appreciable.

Today, we are going to introduce one such jewelry which is made by recycling the soda/coke bottle caps. Isn’t interesting!! These pieces of jewelry are made out of soda bottle caps and embellished with semi-precious stones and delicate wiring work. The designs are also very unique with lotus, floral, Lord Krishna and Budda, Kathakali detailings. These can become a style statement and surely compliment your ethnic wear without any doubt.

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