Is Your Handbag and Your Outfit a Perfect Match?

To match or not to match your handbag with your outfit – that is the question. We say that fashion isn’t all rigidly bent, and so there’s no such strict rulebook for a perfect handbag-outfit match out there. As it is, what would fashion mean if there was a such a rulebook? Because it would then just be a uniform, wouldn’t it? A good looking one, but nonetheless a uniform of sorts.

So, the concept of the right handbag comes more from an aesthetic point of view than some blindly followed fashion regulations. A handbag or a clutch plays an effective role in its functionality as well as the way it has the quality to accentuate any outfit. That’s what makes it such an ideal accessory to have!

And once you get a hang of it, you can mix and match various outfits with different kinds of clutches, and make your fashion statement!

To help you get a hang of it though, we’d first like you to know the occasion. Because your occasion would decide your outfit for you. And your outfit of course will point you in the direction of the right clutch or handbag.

Going for Shopping?

While you don a smart t-shirt with a pair of dapper jeans or shorts, complete with with your sneakers, how about you carry a hobo bag, a tote, or an oversized duffel bag with you? Wouldn’t that be both smart and comfortable!

Wearing a Summer Dress?

One of the wardrobe essentials, a summer dress, paired with cute sandals would have a sling bag worn over the shoulder look not too fancy, but simple and dapper with it! Whether you’re going out to the beach, or just taking walk on a bright summer evening, this one won’t let you down.

With Classic Denims?

How about a cute backpack or tote bag for a casual look, or a wristlet because you’re just dropping by the nearest cafe with friends, or a baguette because you’re going for an informal yet elegant look? Your top or t-shirt that you wear with the pair of denim jeans or shorts, would decide the right handbag for you.

Going to Work?

Your office bag should be large with a lot of compartments. A satchel would therefore be perfect. It’s big enough for you to carry your notepad and stuff, and is classy enough to give you a business look at work. A structured boxy bag is another option that you could go for.

A Party to Attend?

What would look à la mode with the extraordinary cocktail dresses, or incredible-looking gowns, or lovely sheath dresses? The answer is a minaudiere – a hard case like clutch that comes all bejewelled; or if your dress has a heavy detailing, you could go for a plain but sophisticated clutch.

These are some of the most common occasions and outfits that one come across, and the respective handbags that would make for a wonderful accessories for them. What do you think about these matches? And do you like to play by the rules, or do you like mixing all up a little?

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