Awesome Ways to Declutter Your Home

Decluttering your home. It’s a great task; great in its magnitude, and even greater in its rewards. What, you ask, will you get, if you get rid of most things from your house?

★ An unmatchable feeling of calm
★ A sense of happiness
★ Peace of mind

And a bit more on the materialistic front?

Well, let’s see.

★ Empty racks for the latest shoes to stay
★ Empty hangers to hang the trendiest clothes
★ Zero guilt for not choosing that skirt from 3 years ago, or the shirt that looked uber cool when the phrase ‘uber cool’ was still fashionable

You see, we weren’t joking about the amazing rewards, now were we?

But you know how the results after a year of exercising are always great; but even knowing that, we all have such a hard time at the gym. It’s the same here. I mean, how do you get rid of that cute little scarf,when it has such prudent memories attached to it? Or leave fashion for a moment, what about that shopece on your living room mantel that you bought on a spree, hated it since then, but don’t have the courage to throw away?

You can’t simply it anything gigantic done,if it’s not also fun.

So, here are three ways that we’re hoping will make decluttering an activity that you have fun doing, and also make it easier for you, the more you do it.

Time to Use Your Trash Bags!

If simplicity is a journey, your trash bag should be the vehicle. If anything, decluttering is about figuring out what stuff can you do away with. And once you know that, start filling out your trash bag. Maybe make it into one of those games where you see how quickly you can fill the bag, or how much of the stuff can you get rid off in say, an hour. And trash bag doesn’t always have to have garbage, i.e. putting in only the things that are broken or lost all value; they can be things that are all right, but might have stopped adding any real value to your life. This way, you can donate things that you don’t want instead of throwing them away.

Experiment Your Way to the Finish Line!

To make it more fun, and a little easier to know what to keep and what not to, you can maybe try out a little experiment. Remember The Closet Hanger Experiment that Oprah Winfrey suggested quite a few years ago? It’s the same one. First, you keep all your clothes with the hangers, hung in the reverse direction in your closet. Next, whenever you wear an item of clothing, hang it afterwards with the hanger facing the right direction. Keep doing it for about six months, and unsurprisingly, you’ll find many of those hangers still bearing that reversed position. And of course you’ll know that these clothes would just be taking up a lot of space while not being much use to you. You can try out this experiment for various other areas of your home to declutter efficiently.

You Can Finally Make an Interesting and Fun List!

Lists. When you make one of these, you know things are getting real. Make it a bit more interesting, though. Mix in a little 12-12-12 Challenge in there. List out 12 items that you want to throw right away, 12 things you want to donate, and 12 items that you know you have to keep. This would be fun, and of course like we said, interesting, and also as far as efficiency goes – you won’t be disappointed.

Clearing up more space at home – at the place that you live – has scientifically proven to have wonderful results when it comes to having a clear mind. As you detach yourself from all the things that are unnecessary, you will make space for things that are actually useful to you. Even fashion demands you to be in the current, now, and present. But how would you ever be able to do that if you’ve made a clutter of of your past musings, and have no space left for the pretty present?

So, start decluttering today!

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