This is How You Wear Funky Brooches!

It is quite unfortunate how brooches are one of the most underutilized and therefore underrated accessories. It’s high time now, the stodgy reputation that brooches have gotten since years, gets busted now.

Use it to Crack the Awesome Party Look!

Parties could be a brilliant way for you to showcase one of your brooches. A big chunky golden or silver one, or yet another funky brooch – especially ones that get more noticeable in the dark – could be both ravishing and funny! A brooch could easily help you outshine everyone else at a party!

It Could be the Perfect Wingman on First Date!

Going on a first date, you might want your brooch to tell something about your personality; so maybe go for a dog brooch, of you’re a dog person, or the alternative if you love cats more. You could go for a baby giraffe, a flower, and what not! We believe that funky brooches are a really fun way to start a conversation on your first date!

Wear it on a Date with One of Your Girlfriends!

This one demands you to wear one of your more joyful brooches! It’s your friends, and so you could be completely yourself. Make an eccentric choice, or go for an animal brooch. You could even wear your favourite artist on you; we think something both classy and unconventional, like a Frida brooch would do the trick perfectly!

Many such oddly decorative pins have been an accessory to extraordinary designers and their beautiful models through many a runways; it’s time for you now to sport them in your own unique and exceptional ways!

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