The Man In Pink

Can a man wear a pink shirt?
Sure, Pink’s preference traditionally has always been a pretty woman; but she has been experimenting of late.

A man in pink isn’t just “fashion forward” but someone who oozes confidence. The colour on a man’s body symbolises not just a man’s comfort with his fabric, but also his skin. The fact that he’s breaking the rigid colour stereotypes makes him super bold and well, if we may say so, sensuous too! We had our tongues wagging when Harry Styles wore a pink Gucci suit at the Today Show or the time we spotted Leonardo DiCaprio adorn pink in The Great Gatsby!

Hold on folks, pink isn’t that easy too. Derived from an amalgamation of red and white, it’s just a colour most often associated with gay men and Barbie dolls. A deep introspection of the body type, an understanding of the tint, tones and shades, and the right occasion are the three ingredients needed to master the Pink recipe. Yet so,wearing pink is like walking into a minefield, you never know when the pink would explode upon you, reducing you to ashes in the fashion world.

1- Fashion lessons from the past –

Here’s a bit of history gyaan to enlighten the future pink wearers. FACT- pink wasn’t always that girly. Yes, you read it right! In fact, prepared from a concoction of red and white, pink was always considered slightly masculine. The Englishmen would often wear red uniforms while young boys would wear pink, a lesser form of red. Men in the early 19th century were even known to wear pink silk shirts with embroidery on it! We swear, it’s true!
In the recent years, a pink oxford shirt paired with white or beige pants became a prep school statement. The working class in the 1980s would wear pink Fred Perry polo shirts. So folks, until recent years pink wasn’t considered particularly feminine and it is time we pick it up and bring some masculinity to pink.

2- Find the perfect pink for your skin.

Fashion aside, it is almost necessary to be comfortable in your own skin for you to be remotely comfortable in your clothes. Don’t just pick up a pink outfit from the top of a rack but take a moment to understand if the shade goes with your skin. Here’s a simple rule to begin with; for a light skin tone a darker pink would be ideal and vice versa. However, there is no hard and fast rule. If you’re feeling a bit lucky, you could go for a pale pink as well.

3- Accessorize It

Hey, you don’t always have to wear a pink shirt to make a statement.. As a novice you could start off with a pink tie, later you could graduate to a pocket square, or maybe a pair of pink socks. We strongly recommend you to not go all out at once, unless hideous is your style!

4-Feeling the winter blues?

As the year keeps getting colder, the blues and the blacks become the dominants. For a fresh change we recommend you to dig out a gentle pink and wear it beneath the layers of your sweater. A little peek-a-boo will do the trick! With a rosy pink, witness your day getting chirpier by the hour.

5- The tricks of the trade.

If you’re wondering what goes with pink, here’s a right-hand rule that you could blindly follow.

● Least preferred – the greens, the yellows, and mustard
● Ummm, just about okay – blues
● Bravo! – red, mauve, pink
● Top notch – white, grey, skin shades, off whites, beige, darkest shades of blues, and greens.

That’s about it folks!
See you on the other side.

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