What makes Saree the Best Choice for an Indian Wedding?

Since childhood, girls are mesmerised by the idea of wearing a saree when it comes to their own wedding fantasy! So many would have tried to drape their mom’s saree and act as a bride in front of the mirror! Fun part of being an Indian, isn’t it?

An all-time Favourite!

Kanchipuram or normal length, a saree is an all time favourite garment woven with different threads which gives an aesthetic look. Take it any fabric – silk or cotton, georgette or net; a saree stays as a long lasting wear without getting outdated with the changing fashion. It looks as beautiful on a girl as on her mother who passes it on to her daughter . Moreover, it’s a dream of an Indian mother to see her princess wearing this beautiful unstitched attire in her wedding. It’s a kind of heredity which gets passed on from one generation to the other.

Indian culture is considered to be a much diversified one when it comes to traditions. A saree eloquently defines the beauty and culture of India; and so, is it so surprising that it’s the best choice when it comes to a wedding? It is highly believed and true to a great extent that a woman looks the most sensational in a saree. Its very elegance and magnificence adds to the beauty of an Indian bride.

A girl or a woman presents herself in a way that completely changes her looks. A saree has its own way of being carried on the body; concealing all the bold curves and giving a sweet yet powerful look. It is the signature of poise and grace which flows through a girl wearing it.

Types and Styles

When it comes to the ways of wearing it, a new journey begins. Draping a saree is an art in itself. Be it leaving the pallu loose or pleated, in a Bengali or a Gujarati style; it makes a woman look her best in whatever way she drapes it. When draped with proper understanding it can be flawlessly carried by a bride in an Indian wedding. She wears it as her own crown and spreads her charm across.

A saree comprising of small stones and beads woven with gold and silver is what adds to the admiration of a girl wearing it an Indian wedding. It comes in unique combinations and patterns of borders framing the body in the perfect posture. There is a balance in various styles of sarees worn for a particular ritual in the wedding. It’s amazing how differently a style, colour and pattern of a saree depicts the rituals performed in a wedding leaving a mark of tradition and culture in it’s own way.

Not forgetting to mention, an easy to carry attire when draped in perfect guidance in an Indian wedding, a saree grabs all the attention and bunch of compliments for the bride who looks the most gorgeous on her special day!

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