Khadi: An Essential Luxury That Has Been Loved Across Generations

Most people will agree, that spinning a good yarn is nothing less than a beautiful art. And when we talk about yarn, khadi is never too far from the conversation. With connections that go far into our freedom struggle, it swadeshi movement that became the most important platform for khadi to be espoused by none other than Mahatma Gandhi himself.

The bridge between rural and urban…
Not just our history, but our present is also grateful to this every art that makes use of khadi. The textile industry has been able to enormously grow as the artisans in our villages as well as the ones who are from bigger cities have come to use khadi alike. Inextricably linked to India’s rural economy, this handspring fabric has helped bring a positive financial impact m, while giving the world of fashion something interesting and wonderful to look forward to.

It’s still contributing to Indian and global fashion…
As we have taken our step into the 21st century, India has been seeing a new breed of designers cropping up. And these are the people who have come to love experimenting with this amazing and versatile fabric. This young outlook and attitude is what’s keeping this eco-friendly fabric in vogue, even today.

This is a fabric known for its unique comfortably rugged texture, the ability to keep one cool during summers and warm when it’s winter. Khadi is one new-age and yet quintessentially traditional textile of India that has been loved by every generation till now, and looks like it will continue to do so in the future as well.

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