Gharara: The Modern Magic of the Yesteryear Mughal Garment

A traditional garment, brought to us from the old city of Lucknow, a Gharara is as beautiful and regal as they come. It makes a short, almost mid-thigh kurti or tunic, come together with a ghoonghat (that is, a dupatta), and a loose pair of pants pleated at the knee while dramatically flaring out from below.

Ghararas, Everywhere…

Fashion designers in India believe in the inclusion of Gharara everywhere. Ghararas can be seen in bridal design range, high-end couture designs, and even across Bollywood with some of the major A-lister actresses choosing to wear this outfit both in and out of movies.

The Mughal Fashion with a Modern Twist

While the emergence of the Gharara trend finds its way back in the Mughal era, it has gained wide popularity and garnered a lot of love over the following years too. It suits every body type, and has taken various forms and design patterns. The designers everywhere find that the creative possibilities offered by this ethnic outfit are infinite. A great example would be replacing the wide-length trousers with an intricately designed lehenga, to have an absolute knockout Gharara Lehenga Choli to wear on a stunning evening. Or, this coming Diwali season, you can wear a crop top jacket with a heavily embroidered Gharara short kurti, if you wish to turn heads at the coming family get-together. For a lighter look, you can do away with the heavy embroidery, and pair your Gharara trousers with a chic jacket, or better yet, a contemporary lace kurta.

We hope you have an fun time donning magnificent Ghararas, especially with the festive season just about to begin!

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