Fashion Tips: Dressing Up For the Coming Christmas Eve Party

Christmas comes around just the right time of the year. Getting together with the people you love, Christmas tends to bring a special kind of warmth even when it’s cold outside, and never ceases to cheer everyone up! And Christmas Eve parties are particularly electrifying, for there’s always the anticipation of the coming brand New year.

Plus, dressing up for parties as awesome as this, is in its own way so much fun! We thought rummaging through a few fashion suggestions could make your life easier, choosing what to wear for Christmas this year…

Simple is the Way to Go

The Western sensibilities could find our vibrant colours and ethnic styling a wee bit strong. If you are planning to go to a Christmas party with a particularly western vibe, you might want to keep things simple. Such as, stick to just one key bling element. You could either wear an all blingy Indian suit or a golden dress while keeping the accessories low key. Or, you may choose to wear a chic red saree, in the spirit of Christmas; but then make sure you keep the blouse and the saree borders neutral, or just as simple as possible. Try to refrain from mixing too many boisterous colours!

Low on Ostentation, and a Little Less of the Traditional Touch

We were just talking about how simplicity is the best way to make a fashion statement, and here we are making a small addition to the advice. Instead of overdoing it, or mindlessly piling on everything for the coming Christmas party, you would do much better by putting on some chic and no-fuss clothes. Put another way, rather than putting on a lehenga choli, or even an embroidered dupatta, you could choose to wear a skirt with a crop top. And even if you do opt for an ethnic outfit, steer clear from something as ostentatious as brocade weaves, gota-patti, gold borders, and the likes. Donning an outfit that’s low-key is absolutely the key to dressing up for a Christmas party!

Or, Maybe a Little Flashiness Wouldn’t be So Bad…

When we talk of embellishments that are both trendy and work perfectly well with the vibe of a Christmas Eve party, sequins is the only thing that comes to mind. They have such an unusual quality of lending an under-rated sheen while looking absolutely modish. Even if you pick an Indian outfit in a dashing silhouette, while detailed with sequins, don’t be surprised if you light up the entire party!

So, have you decided what you’re going to wear? Clearly the most fun time of the year, we hope you are all primped up to party hard!

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