Effective Yoga Tips for Busy People

Side-PlankYoga is most effective in dealing with emotional disturbances and keeping mind and body healthier together. We all want to stay fit and flexible, calm, cool and in charge. But, with most individuals living a life that is busy and hectic, it may seem virtually impossible to do a daily 60-90 minutes of the yoga routine. But, one way to do this is by incorporating yoga into your busy daily schedule. You can do yoga in small increments throughout the day. Here are few effective yoga tips which you can easily include even in a busy day.

  • Take deep yogic breaths whenever you can. For example, you can do this while standing in a queue in the grocery shop or even while doing work at the office. Deep breathing calms your heart rate and soothes the nervous system.
  • Stretch it out at your desk or even while cooking. Stretching improves flexibility and range of motion which in turn improves your physical performance and help reduce your risk of injury.
  • Five-Minute Meditation does wonder. You can calm your mind and make your workday more efficient. Just count your breaths, each inhales and exhale being a single cycle. Notice if your mind tries to run on other things besides the breath, and for just five minutes, gently bring it back to the breath over and over again.
  • Do Yoga on Your Lunch Break. Even if you can only try a few poses due to space constraints, do a few gentle yoga asanas like seated asanas, leg extensions etc. Your body will feel so much better once you are done and your mind will feel more expansive.
  • Have a healthy, and balanced meals daily and never skip breakfast as it is the most important meal of the day.

It’s not always realistic to do a lengthy practice every single day. Just remember, a little bit of yoga every day is still possible!

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