Dressing As Per Your Body Shape: The Dos and Don’ts

Fashion is all about making the best of your features and the frame that you have. The right dress is only as right as your proportion!

Knowing the do’s and don’t’s of dressing up starts from knowing everything one’s body first. Determine the body type that you belong in. Only then will you be able to embrace the next step – choosing the proper fashion trends for yourself.

Pear body shape

If you find your lower body to be a bit wider than your upper body, then you share your body type with the likes of Eva Mendes, Katherine Heigl, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Love-Hewitt, and so on. With a Pear body type, you would want your clothes to accentuate your waist, and add volume to your arms, shoulders, i.e. your upper body in general.

So, you could go with dresses that have prominent necklines – scoop-neck or plunging would look great. See that your dresses have intriguing hemlines. These would help you slim the hips. So you could give a try to tulip skirts, A-line skirts, boat-neck tops, square necklines, strapless dresses, or dresses with ruffles on the top. You should even go for jackets that end right above the waist; team them up with pointy toed shoes, and you will have a super chic look!

Wedge body type

The inverted triangle body type, or what many call the Wedge body type is what beauties like Demi Moore, Renee Zellweger, Naomi Campbell, and Teri Hatcher flaunt. If you too have narrow waist and hips with wide shoulders and broad chest, you share your body shape with some of the most glamorous women out there.

Your fashion goals should be about softening your shoulders and upper torso, while emphasizing your legs. So, wear bright colors on your skirts and pants. Go for wide-leg pants, full skirts, and even experiment a bit with styles that have a waistline. Make use of big and fabulous belts to highlight your waist. Wear less of boat necklines and spaghetti-straps. If you do wear spaghetti-strap tops, try to match it up with a gorgeous statement necklace.

Rectangle body shape

If you have your shoulder, hips, and waist, all at almost similar widths, you have a Rectangle body type. Hilary Swank, Cameron Diaz, Natalie Portman, and Kate Hudson are amongst the many beautiful celebrities who have this same body shape.

The right dresses for you would underline your slender arms and legs, while creating beautiful curves for you. A great way to start would be a pencil skirt with slit on the side. It will not only help you show off your legs, but also add a lot of character to your complete look. The other way to add more definition to straight body type would be adding accessories and belts to the outfit, or even wearing layered tops. Putting on a skirt with a smart crop top would do a great job for you if you have a rectangle-shaped body. Long jackets will help you create a lean look, while sweetheart tops will give some amazing curves. Keep away from too overwhelming styles, though.

Every one of us is unique in our bodies, and our personalities; our taste for clothing, and the comfort level we share with various styles. Once you have determined what your body type is, you can set out on the path to find your own sense of distinctive sense of fashion and style, and embrace it with both arms!

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