Boyfriend Jeans Styling Tips

blogBoyfriend jeans are meant to look a bit loose and worn as if you borrowed them from your boyfriend. There are many good reasons to wear boyfriend jeans. They are comfortable, simple and they look great with a lot of different styles. Boyfriend jeans are just another feminine way to wear men’s styles. You can look stylish and cozy in these pants. The idea is simply to go for a feminine equivalent of a male look, whether that look is edgy, classy, bohemian, or whatever else.

Boyfriend jeans can look either dressy or casual depending on what other pieces it is paired with. For a super casual look, pair your boyfriend jeans with sneakers and a cute crop top. This look is perfect for summer. Another way to create a summer look is by wearing a very simple and casual white tee, sandals, and aviators. Pairing with a blazer is always a good idea especially to cover the extra fat around the waist. For keeping things simple, just wear a plain slim tee and add a statement necklace for a touch of glam.

On those colder days, dress up a graphic sweatshirt by pairing it with heels and boyfriend jeans. This looks so chic. And another option is to wear a cozy sweater and scarf. Striped shirts and boyfriend jeans are just perfect for each other. Adding a bright belt and statement necklace makes this look more perfect. How about the idea of mixing very feminine pieces with baggy boyfriend jeans??  Pair the boyfriend jeans with a floral shirt and red lipstick. This looks so feminine. To get a little fancy look, you can always go for a peplum top.

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