5 Easy and Excellent Tips on Camouflage Styling!

For all urban men and women who are trying to create new pathways to their personal style and sense of fashion, we are here to suggest camouflage styling! Exuding a very urbane and confident aura, camo prints are making serious headways into the world of everyday fashion, and therefore, an average fashion lover’s wardrobe!

If you too are looking for something new, an inspiration maybe, read on ahead to get 5 excellent tips on how to incorporate camo prints into personal fashion statement of yours…

● One of the best combinations is a plain black Tee, with camo cargo pants, and an olive bomber jacket. If you’re going for a bike ride, this is the most fashionable way to beat chilly winters on the way. The overall look gets even better when you thrown in a pair of Chelsea boots to this combination!

● If you’re someone who like to keep their style a little underrated, you can go for a simple polo t-shirt, better if it’s in an earthy colour, and team it up with cute denims and a killer biker jacket. To finish it up, add a pair of robust camo print boots to make it look even more interesting.

● Looking for a more casual dressing? Why not go for black layers and of course, chinos, further pairing them up with a green camouflage print slip-on in tassels! A simple outing with friends could easily use this casual, and yet not overly subdued style of dressing.

● You can wear your denim shirt, team it with chinos in light colour, and carry a canvas duffle bag with camouflage print on it. If that doesn’t give you an interestingly chic airport look, then nothing would!

● Not just casual, but the cameo trend has successfully found its way into office wear as well. For instance, how does a business suit in classic tones of dark blues, black, and grey look, if you carry to with a leather briefcase in black, that has camo print detailing in classy velvet? It’s hard to imagine how the dapper and the sophisticated are coming together to create the perfect aura of fashion at a place, none other than an office setting! Incomprehensible, but true nevertheless!

● Another combination that you’ll find very much in vogue, is a pair of high-ankle sneakers, and that too in a camouflage print. They tend to give a very confident vibe about a person, and make for a sturdy style statement. Especially, if you team it up with denims and a leather bike jacket, you will be have a very chic and cool look to boast of!

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