3 Ways to Look Uber Cool Wearing Metallics This Season!

The fashion environment of today has been a result of continuous evolution throughout years; and the result has been truly fascinating. We’re in a climate where practically everything goes – be it minimalist, vintage, maximalist, or as in this case, metallics. Especially, if it’s a bold fashion statement that you’re aiming for, then metallics are absolutely the way to go.

The day-appropriate metallic!

While we find them usually associated with a nighttime and a much fancier look, you can even choose it for a brilliant casual day look. Since anything metallic is bound to grab one’s attention, you can find ways to tone it down a bit; so, white, black, or any neutral shade you like, will do the trick. Add a pair of sneakers, and you’ll have the perfect combination of simple, modern, and comfortable for your day-appropriate wear.

Casual metallics!

Like we saw earlier, you can sport metallic bold colors, even if it’s not for an evening wear. So, you can easily put on a graphic tee, pair it down with a pair of distressed denims, and put on a metallic jacket, especially one with a subtle sheen to get a look that goes well on any given day! And, if you’re one to sport a tomboy sporty look, then a leather baseball cap in black, with grey ankle-length skinnies again in leather, and bright silver sneakers would look uber cool on you!

Accessorize metallic!

A great idea, not much of an investment, and always less of a risk, is to go with accessories to add a certain metallic sheen to your look. You could go with a pair of shoes, which is the easiest. Or, if you’re wearing a silvery skirt with say, an oversized sweater, metallic lenses sunglasses could only be an amazing addition! Also, a silver colored belt could beautifully complete an all-white look you may want to don.

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