10 Fashion Staples For Your Wardrobe!

We’re surrounded by so much of luxury. We literally have thousands of options around us in the form of showrooms that make even window shopping a dream experience! But the downside is all the confusion that it brings.

What to buy and what not to? What’s important and what could be done away with?

Therefore we have come up here with a list of 10 things that we think are staple to any wardrobe:

A Pair of Denims
Pair of jeans that fit well, would feel much like a second skin to you. It goes well with everything, irrespective of the body type, and you can practically wear it anywhere! Obviously your wardrobe can’t even begin its journey without getting at least one pair of well-fitting denims.

Stud Earrings
You should always have a few chic pairs of stud earrings in your wardrobe. These go with almost any outfit, and any occasion – movie night, formal dinner, or just a routine day to work. And with online jewellery purchase made so easy, you certainly don’t have to think twice before buying them or then wearing them.

A Statement Heel
You could go for peep toes, or pumps, or stilettos – but do not go without having a pair of black statement heels in your wardrobe. Because it doesn’t get any more comfortable plus flattering than a statement heel!

A Summer Dress
This one’s a must because they’re like a like ray of sunshine that can brighten up even a dull day. And summers in most parts of the country come with high temperatures, and depending on the location, are usually too dry or too humid. Therefore from from a fashion and an ease point of view, a summer dress would be exactly what you’d need.

A Red Lipstick
Talking of dull days, this one can pull you right out of it! If you get yourself a fashionable dress, complete with a set of fashion jewelry online, a red lipstick would be the perfect accessory to accentuate your overall look. Powerful thing, a red lipstick, it can make you feel feminine, beautiful, put you in an uplifting mood, and rather confident to take the world head on!

A Leather belt
Oh, a leather belt when worn right, can add just the right amount of chic to your look. Teamed up with a pair of denims, you’d be all ready to hit the movie theater with your friends. Worn with a summery dress, and you’re looking at, say a beach party to attend. Or you could wear it with a formal suit, and just as easily suit up for your next work presentation.

An Evening Clutch
This one’s for all those late night parties, or wedding receptions, or going out for a lavish dinner with your loved one. An elegant evening clutch doesn’t add, it practically rains luxury on an already dashing outfit.

A Saree
Our traditional saree can’t really be topped in terms of the style and grace that it offers to whoever wears it. You could wear it every single day to work, or just wear them on ethnic days at workplace and have a few special ones saved for weddings and parties,.

A Daily-wear Kurti
Because what’s more ethnically beautiful, but also vastly more comfortable than most others? Just when you feel getting a bit tired of a shirt or a halter top, your kurti will be there to save you!

Canvas sneakers
Sneakers should definitely be an in for every wardrobe. It’s the ideal accessory that finds itself equally friends with a pencil skirt, a pair of denims, as well as trousers. And how do you suppose you’d look good while running? Therefore, Canvas sneakers it is!

And that’s it! Hopefully, we’ve got your wardrobe all sorted by now. Do not hesitate to make your own personal list of staples and then stocking them up!

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