Why Should You Include Probiotic Supplements in Your Daily Diet?

Microorganisms that help restore good bacteria to the digestive tract – that’s the simple definition of Probiotics. And don’t they say – “A healthy gut is the path to a healthy mind!”

That’s why, these bacteria found in supplements, such as pills, powders, and fermented foods, like yogurt, raw cheese, apple cider vinegar, and so on – they have an immensely huge role to play in making one’s hair and skin healthy and intact. Not just that, but studies have shown probiotics to have a very positive effect on people suffering with depression, or any kind of stress.

Here, we have brought you 3 of the best known benefits of probiotics on skin as well as hair…

Improves Any Inflammatory Conditions of the Skin

Probiotics have time and again demonstrated the calming effect they have during inflammatory conditions, such as rosacea and acne. They stabilize the situation by preventing the immune system from attacking other microorganisms living in the skin, therefore reducing any further flare-ups.

Prevents Skin Infections

By reducing the threat posed by infections, probiotics are able to reinforce the natural defences of the skin against any bad bacteria, or pollution, or any kind of free radical damage. Because probiotics produce pH reducing compounds as well as antimicrobials, they are able to protect the skin from transient pathogens which could again disrupt the normal functioning of the skin.

Anti-Aging Properties

One of the great benefits of topical probiotics is better absorbing moisture, and hence aiding in delaying any signs of ageing. The lactic acid produced helps in reducing the early signs of wrinkles, exfoliates the skin, tightens pores, and makes dull and dry skin look fresh and bright again. It even has a positive effect on sun-damaged skin, helping it get nourished and soothed.

In addition to all this, probiotics also do wonders for hair growth. When applied to the scalp, they help in soothing irritations, and even result in growing thicker, more lustrous hair.

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