What Should Your Skin Care Routine Look Like During Humid Weather?

While summers are usually hard on the skin, the rains that follow this season do not tend to bring too much relief either. The ensuing humidity, which makes everyone seat profusely, is the reason why skin feels tired even before the day starts!

But as everything has a solution, this too does! If humidity has taken over your life, as well as your skin, these three easy and practical tips will help you crack the skin care routine, this time of the year…

Start off by Washing Your Face

The very first trick to keep your face looking soft and supple, is by cleansing it three times a day. Don’t forget to use a product that suits your skin type. A good cleanser will help you get rid of clogged impurities, and bring a fine balance between sweat and excess oil. It will also effectively protect your skin from acne and breakouts. Also, before you proceed to use a face wash, rinse your face with some cold water. This will help your skin to remain healthy and beautiful for a long time.

Weekly Facials Should Help

In addition to washing your face to remove dirt and other impurities, you can also get rid of the effects of oil, pollution, and tanning, by getting a facial every week. And we’re not asking you to get one of those facials that you get only at a top salon on paying a hefty sum! Insead, we’re asking you to have a simple, practical, and yet effective facial routine at home itself. There are a ton of YouTube videos available, giving you easy and awesome facial tips. These routines, without taking any more than 20 to 25 minutes of your time, very efficiently enhance your skin quality and complexion! Here are some tips for you to have a weekly facial at home:

● Use only a good scrub to exfoliate your skin. You can even use sour curd for the purpose.
● For face massage, instead of buying something too fancy and expensive, you can use olive or coconut oil, too. For best results, always move your fingertips in a clockwise motion, while applying just the right amount of pressure, and start off with your cheeks first, moving on to the forehead, then frown line, and so on.
● As for the face pack, if you have a dry skin, a banana and honey pack can do wonders for your skin, while yogurt and orange peel in a face pack and can help you if yours is an oily skin type.
● No skin routine can be said to be complete without having a decent moisturizer applied. Just make sure, you apply a moisturizing cream only after you have washed your hands properly.

Refrain from Touching the Acne

Last, but not the least, acne and breakouts are the unwelcome gifts from the humid weather to your skin; while that is true, you can prevent the condition from worsening, if you simply avoid touching those breakout areas with fingers. Even when you have to wipe your face, use wet wipes instead of your hands. You can even use cotton balls dipped in rose water to cleanse your skin. Also, while moisturizing is important, the overly oily areas of the skin should be left alone.

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