The Different Types of Teas We Love in India

Tea, one of the most loved beverages all across the globe, finds a special love in India. Because of a vast culture and geography, the world itself has thousands of teas to offer to us! Of course, with our country being a cradle of various seasons, different cultures, and an immense geographical diversity, we are a land of a great variety of teas…

Green Tea

This tea might not need much of an introduction, for its name and popularity precedes the actual tea. Asians especially have a soft corner for green tea, and they even like mixing it with certain fruits, or scent it with some flowers, to make a cup of flavorful tea.

Oolong Tea

Contrary to the popular perception, oolong tea is not pronounced as ‘oo-long’ tea; rather, the right way to pronounce it is, ‘wu-long’ tea. You would normally recognize this delicious tea from being served in a Chinese restaurant.

Blooming Teas

These are also known by the names of flowering or artisan teas, for they actually ‘bloom’ when they steep! Tea artists across the country hand tie these, while including some scent or flavour to make it look like a beautiful as well as flavorful design. As beautiful as they look, and as delicious they are, these teas make for one of the most beautiful gifts, especially if they’re for your someone special!

Black Tea

Another popular tea, which countless households in the country have grown up drinking, or see the adults in the family drink every morning, a strong and full-bodied black tea goes well with milk and sugar as well. Not just that, it even makes an amazing iced tea.

White Tea

The least processed tea, this one is unarguably the purest amongst all teas. With a color that is light, and a flavour so subtle, that usually it takes no less than a tea connoisseurs to truly appreciate its natural delicacy and the innate sweetness it has.

Herbal Tea

While every other tea has leaves coming out of the Camellia family, herbal tea is the only exception to this rule. Further, there are three types to it – Mate tea, Rooibos tea, and Herbal infusions. With pure flowers, herbs, and fruits, you will have a herbal infusion in your hands. If you make these infusions specifically from a red bush found in South Africa, you will get a Red or Rooibos tea. And if you’re a coffee lover, then Mate tea, made from a wid shrub that grows in Argentina, will make your taste buds go gaga!

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