Matte Or Dewy: Which of the Two Would Suit Your Skin the Most?

It’s always such a huge dilemma! Whether to go for matte, or choose dewy makeup?

But, before we answer the question, do we know, how matte and dewy skin differ from each other?

The difference between the two lies in the finish that the skin leaves; how radiant and shiny does the skin look, makes all the difference. While matte skin is devoid of excess oil, having a velvety finish with a powdery texture, dewy skin gives a moist appearance, with natural oils reflecting light, resulting in a radiant look.

Why choose Matte?

For people who have an excessively oily skin, which is prone to breakouts or acne, would want to minimize oil and prefer to not add any more moisture. That’s why, a matte formula works the best for them.

If you do choose to go with matte, you should consider playing with shimmery and glossy finishes, such as your lip being just the right amount of glossy, while your eyes hadow having bit of shimmer in it.

Why choose Dewy?

Dewy skin give a look that can be best described as young, vibrant, and fresh. While it’s good for all non-oily skin types, it’s especially great if you have a little dehydrated skin. It gives an appearance of an active and healthy life, working well on any age, even mature skin. It’s able to keep skin well moisturized, and beautifully reflect light, therefore softening any imperfections or fine lines.

With dewy skin, unlike matte, you would want to keep the rest of your makeup devoid of much gloss. Because otherwise, your skin will end up looking too wet. Rather, opt for a feature and give a matte or a more natural finish to it. This will help you add more texture to your makeup, making it look more interesting.

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