How to Carry Metallic Makeup

sdMetallic makeup is all the rage. Makeup in metallic shades have been gaining popularity lately and for good reason!  Metallic colors are most often used for eye shadows and liners, because there is so much versatility when it comes to the look of eye makeup.  Highlighters have become more and more popular and contain shimmery, reflective pigments that help contour the face. It can be intimidating, but if you wear the right shade and apply it correctly it can really work to your advantage. Metallic tones can help highlight the features you want to accentuate and provide a way to add some pop to your look without the use of bright colors.
When picking metallics, look for refined shimmers rather than glitter. And also, be sure to choose a color that best suits your skin tone. Go for silvers and platinum if you’re fair, bronzes and golds if you have olive skin and any of the above mentioned shades, if you have darker skin. Try rose gold shade if you are looking for a universal shade that everyone can pull off easily. When it comes to how to wear metallic makeup, daytime makeup calls for something a bit more subtle and subdued while night time makeup can be the perfect opportunity to be bold and daring. During the day, stick to shimmery powders or subtle liners and at night be more daring with creamy shadows and chrome touches.
If you’re applying a metallic shadow or liner, apply some primer or a creamy shadow beforehand. When applied to bare skin, most metallic beauty products tend to melt and fade into the skin but when applied on a creamy base they have the potential to stand out much more easily. If you’re after a more subtle approach, use the metallic pigments as more of a highlighter rather than a statement look. For shimmery metallic lips, Choose a shade of lip color you would normally wear, but with a metallic finish. Just remember that when you’re playing with your eyes and want to focus on them more, keep the rest of your face fairly neutral.
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