How Much of Your Favourite Cuppa’ Coffee is Too Much?

Caffeine happens to be the most widely consumed of all psychoactive drugs that are legitimately available, all across the world! Unsurprisingly then, die hard fans of coffee find themselves with withdrawal symptoms, like nausea, headaches, lethargy, and sonon, once they stop taking their caffeine. It has been proven that coffee is in fact a great stimulant for the nervous system, and works as a great pre-workout beverage. But, it could have grossly negative effects on the body, if taken in large quantities.

Caffeine and beauty

Then there’s also your physical attributes that caffeine could mess with! Downing your favourite cuppa every now and again, every single day, could easily disturb your sleep cycle, cause a bad case of insomnia, and your face will reflect the effects in no time at all! Dark circles being one great case in point, you could end up spending a lot over cosmetic products, when the only thing you need would be a good night’s sleep. Interestingly enough, caffeine does happen to be one of the major ingredients of many an eye cream, as its diuretic property helps it reduce the puffiness of eyes; yet, too many cups of coffee a day is only going to put your body through harm.

How much caffeine a day is too much?

The antioxidants in caffeine are really of significance to the body, but having more than 6 cups everyday, on an average, could seriously put the body through a rise in blood pressure, palpitation, restlessness, diuresis, and insomnia.

Excess of anything is bad, and so it goes for caffeine as well. And so, a cup or two, or maybe even three if they are well spaced, would be considered a tolerable amount.

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