Hair Oils to Penetrate Hair Growth

Hairfall is a common problem for many of us in the current generation. It may be due to lack of nutrition, proper sleep, diet, pollution, stress and side effects of any products or medications. There are many natural formulas for keeping your hair healthy, shiny and strong. Using Ayurvedic oils is an old, traditional way of taking care of the scalp and hair. Hair oil helps to maintain hair strength, reduce hair loss and stimulate the growth of hair. Oils penetrate deep into the scalp and help to strengthen the roots of the hair. Let us check about the oils which play a major role in fighting with hair fall and promoting hair growth.

1. Castor Oil – Castor oil is rich in Vitamin E, proteins and minerals. This oil aids in blood circulation and thus promotes hair growth. Regular usage of castor oil helps you in getting healthy, thick, strong and moisturized hair because of it’s moisturizing nature.

2. Coconut Oil – This is the most commonly used hair oil in every household as it gives healthy, soft and lustrous hair. It is a natural conditioner and helps in repairing damaged hair. Coconut oil penetrates into hair follicles and stimulates hair growth and moisturizes dry hair.

3. Olive Oil – Olive oil fights with the bacteria which causes hair damage and hair loss and thus promotes hair growth. It is rich in anti-oxidants which nourishes scalp and hair and thus makes hair look shiny and soft.

4. Almond Oil – Almond oil contains the ingredients which are very good for hair like omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, and magnesium. It nourishes and strengthens the hair and protects the hair from damages and falling.

5. Argan Oil – This oil is excellent for healthy hair. It hydrates and moisturizes hair, it penetrates hair shafts and nourishes deeply.

6. Sesame Oil – It conditions hair, nourishes the scalp and gets rid of dandruff and the vitamin E in the oil boosts hair growth.

7. Bhringraj Oil – Regular massage with bhringraj oil improves blood circulation in the scalp which helps revitalize the hair follicles and promotes hair growth.

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