Are Facial Cleansing Brushes Really Worth the Money and the Hype?

Since long, we have had facial cleansing brushes presented to us as the holy grail of all cleansing products. Especially those with oily and pimple-prone skin would know all about these! Yet, most of the cleansers available out there seem to never live up to their a-bit-inconsiderable price tags (that sometimes even reach three figures). The verdict on these brushes is largely divided amongst the beauty editors, dermatologists, and customers alike. As these products never lose breath while promising deep cleansing and exfoliation to give a flawless and glowing skin, there have been more than just a few incidents of girls finding them not worth the moolah.

What really does face brush do?

These are supposed to be really effective and powerful tools to remove the day’s dirt and grime that settles on the skin. It’s a way to exfoliate the surface of our skin without making use of any gritty particles or chemicals. They can be, and are to be used on a regular basis to give the facial skin a deep and thorough cleanse. If you use a light product like micellar water first, then for the second cleanse you could make use of a face brush along with a foaming face wash. Making upward movements to work across the jawline, chin, cheeks, forehead, and nose, you can try encouraging better lymph drainage and blood flow.

Could you skip these expensive beauty supplies and save your money?

You don’t let a cleanser on your skin for too long, and so, they don’t have much to do except remove the makeup, dirt, and oil – exactly what a cleanser is meant to do. Even without a face brush, if you use the palm of your hand and fingertips, you should get good results. Moreover, if you try buying a cheap cleansing device, especially the ones that have manual brush heads, they could prove abrasive to your skin, doing more damage than any good.

There are also dermatologists who insist that there’s no certifying evidence to support the exfoliation claims of these brushes. No well-performed studies or research have proved that these devices are absolutely better than any alternatives in the market.

And finally…

As we said before, with a division of opinions out there, it’s solely your choice to go for facial cleansing brush or not; we only hope you don’t spend too much money, or expect too much out of one!

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