9 Essential Oils that are Essential For a Healthy Scalp and an Amazing Hair

Have you tried every single product on the shelves at your favorite salons? Have you gone every dermatologist to get rid of your skin and scalp problems? And have you still not found the once and for all solution?

What about trying the natural way and the more fun way? Natural, because you won’t find essential oils anything but, and fun because of the way they smell, the calming effect they have on the mind, and they way they’re an easy fix for your problem!

Here, we’ll have a look at 9of our most beloved essential oils that can solve your scalp and hair related problems without you breaking a sweat.

Ylang Ylang Oil

Starting with the oil that is the nearest to our heart, ylang ylang has beautiful properties. An essential oil with a distinct and strong odor it could give one an overwhelming feeling to use it on its own, but on mixing it up with either lemon or lavender essential oil could give you a great experience. It was the days of the Victorian era in England that saw people use ylang ylang to treat their hair loss problem. It doesn’t promotes hair growth by stimulating the production of our scalp’s natural sebum, therefore not just treating thinning hair, but care for dry and damaged hair as well. Also, stress is said to be one of the greatest reasons for hair loss; in that effect, ylang ylang essential oil is used for aromatherapy as well – which again reduces one’s stress – therefore further helps in controlling hair loss. People should also use to for their little children as they’re more prone to getting lice from their playmates and friends at school or outside, which this floral oil can help them prevent.

Peppermint Oil

Who doesn’t love the smell of mint! It denotes freshness, and it invigorates one’s senses, doesn’t it! And now, as far as peppermint oil is concerned, you can enjoy more than just the scent of it, especially if you combine no more than 3% of the concentration with jojoba oil. Because what you get in return is an awesome blend which will help you thicken your hair, deepen your hair follicles, and therefore promote hair growth. Only thing though, do not use this oil on kids.

Tea Tree Oil

A really popular essential oil amongst all, people use tea tree oil to soothe damaged skin. But who knew, it could also help one maintain a healthy scalp! It’s antifungal, so you can easily say goodbye to dandruff, greasiness, and itchiness. If you have thinning hair, you can trust tea tree essential oil to not just slo the hair loss, but also aid in increasing your hair growth. And just like ylang ylang you can make this one a big part of your kids’ lies as well, for it’s excellent in treating lice.

Rosemary Oil

Rosemary oil is great because it treats both too oily as well as overly dry hair. An thirdly, it can help you get rid of split ends as well. There have been studies conducted before, having shown how Rosemary essential oil works as good as a conventional allopathic medicine would in treating a balding condition, if applied regularly for six months at least. It’s a great solution to cure flakiness and itchiness of scalp, and also stimulate hair follicles.

Lemon Oil

Lemon oil is an organic oil which is citrus in nature. It does have a great use in increasing the circulation in the scalp, thereby treating baldness effectively. Moreover, if you have really oily hair, you will again find a great friend in Lemon oil. But, you should not use one that has more than a 2% concentration. If you do, don’t go out in the sun afterwards, because of phototoxicity reasons. You should either apply this essential oil at night, or at least leave a gap of 12 hours before you go out in the Sun. The easy way would be, adding a little to your shampoo, which you will obviously wash off, leaving you without a single concern regarding phototoxicity.

Lavender Oil

Want something that’s precisely skin care doubling for hair care? You might have to look at Lavender oil for an answer. As far as hair growth is concerned, it absolutely should be the first thing you should you go to for a possible remedy. That’s because studies have shown that Lavender oil actually increases the number of hair follicles, and the hair roots that grow as such are found to be quite strong and deep. That means a definite increase in hair growth, and no fear of having them fall off any time soon! You can also use this oil mixed with other essential oils in order to better results, without caring for any possible side effects at all.

Juniper Oil

Then there’s Juniper oil, that comes from the juniper berries, that end this oil its fruity scent, and also its antiseptic properties. If your hair is too greasy, or you think it’s really brittle, Juniper oil has everything you’ll need to fight those scalp conditions, especially as it helps in toning the hair follicles, owing to its astringent properties.

Lemongrass Oil

With such potent properties to fight viruses and fungi both, Lemongrass essential oil does make for an amazing hair and scalp tonic. Plus, if you dilute it just by 10%, you can have one of the best cures for dandruff caused by yeast. Didn’t we say it’s amazing!

Cedarwood Oil

While Cedarwood is just as good as say, Lavender and ylang ylang when it comes to caring for your hair, the unique thing about it is its odor. Having a scent that most find a little woody, and therefore a bit on the masculine side, unlike the others which have more floral and feminine odor, this one can be a hit with you as well as the man in your life. In addition to growing hair follicles, Cedarwood oil is also helpful in improving the circulation in the scalp, which in turn helps in fighting hair fall. This essential oil is also great to keep dandruff problems away.

How should one apply an essential oil for best results?

● You can add a few drops to your shampoo.
● Dilute some essential oils in aloe vera, put it into a spray bottle, and use it as a hair mist. And don’t mind using it as liberally as you want to.
● Take any oil of your choice, make it a carrier oil for one of the essential oils, and give your scalp a deep conditioning massage. You could choose any other cosmetic product containing oil as a carrier too, but do not choose water to dilute an essential oil in. Leave it in your hair overnight, and wash it off properly the next morning. Be a little careful before using castor oil as a carrier, given that it is known for increasing hair growth, because it takes awful lot of while to wash it off the hair.

This was our take on essential oils, when it comes to taking care of your skin and scalp. Which one’s your favorite amongst these?

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