3 Hairstyles That Girls Would Love Wearing This Winter

Isn’t it high time we break the myth that cold weather means one has to pull out their blow dryers! If anything at all, the hot showers already make the hair take a lot of beating – why put then through additional heating sessions? Plus, too dry hair never comes without static; therefore, we have here 3 super easy and absolutely fab-looking no-heat hairstyles that you can don this winter…

Side Swept Bangs

Shampooing everyday brings its own pain in the winters. And so, we have to have an ideal hairstyle that suits our day-old, greasy bangs, irrespective of length. Side swept bangs, just like the name says, will need you to use something as simple as fancy bobby pins to hold back the front of your hair to one side. It’s a chic and an utterly simple way to help you give yourself the perfect fall look.

Pony with a Ribbon

Every now and then, we girls have a unique mood that only am interesting choice of dress, makeup, or a unique hairstyle can satisfy. Ribbon pony is not only interesting, but also the simplest way to hold you hair. Instead of blow drying your hair, you can try air drying it, by tying it up in a dainty ribbon – and just like that, you can channel your inner French girl in a matter of seconds!

Half Up Top Knot

Your hair’s a hot mess, and you are in a hurry… A hairstyle that looks cute and doesn’t need you to break a sweat? Take half of the hair off the top and tie it up in a messy (and cute) bun. But, if you’re not too excited to wear your knots on top, a more traditional way would be tying the bun low. The former is great if you have medium length hair, and the latter looks perfect if you have curly or wavy hair; in any case, you’re bound to look super!

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