3 Easy Tips to Help Your Weekend Beauty Routine Notch up a Bit!

Weekend is arriving, and you might be looking for the various beauty looks you could don in your downtime! Let’s not depend on just a little essential morning makeup routine and other hurried or too expensive makeup sessions, and rather try out these three very easy and bound-to-make-you-look-unique makeup tips!

Your lash game might need a little hand!

Fake eyelashes have always been a rage, and for good reason! The volume and length they add makes such a huge difference to the one’s look, and what’s more? They are so easy to apply! Whether you want to go for a subtle look, or a glamorous one, fake lush lashes go with both. And they’ll not just make you look amazing, but also pump up your confidence in an instant.

Look beyond black!

Black is the classic eyeliner color, and we know it, but weekends should be about trying out new colors. One really cool way could be a cat eye liner in deep green with a beautiful glitter. Just remember, if you’re going for a more bold colour, keep the rest of your makeup on a subtle side. This will help you get the perfect balance, and you won’t look overly-done.

A bold lip colour is exactly what you need!

Talking of trying out new hues, a new lip colour should be right up on your list. And for all the lipstick junkies out there, we understand if you’d want to plan your whole outfit around your favourite lipstick. The colors that are proving to be the most happening this season, are plum, burgundy, even scorching red. Have your bold lip color pair up with a neutral eye makeup to ace the perfectly chic and modern look!

What’s on your weekend agenda and which quick tip are you most likely to try? Give us all the deets below!

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