Things Women Carry in their Handbag

testWomen’s Handbag is a very mysterious place. Even we have seen many videos on this very much hyped topic “What’s inside my handbag?” on Youtube. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if we didn’t find any random YouTuber without doing a video on this topic. So let’s see what are the things women carry in her handbag.

Carrying things depends on the situation, weather, place we are going and the interests we have. Every person’s needs and necessities changes from one to another. If we are going to the workplace or college, the things we carry will be different. If we are going for a day out with friends or a lunch or dinner date, then the things could be added based on that necessity. Keeping all this apart, there are few things which are very much common in every women’s handbag.

Our Cellphone, headphones, chargers, wallet with cards and cash are the primary things for every woman who is stepping out of the house. Next place goes for cosmetics. Lip balm/Lipstick/Lipgloss these may vary from women to women, but any one of these three is a necessary thing to carry. Other than these, Hair bands and Bobby pins, safety pins, sunscreen lotion and compact powder, sunglasses and a small headscarf, hand sanitizer and tissues/wet wipes, a chocolate or a Nutri bar, breath mints, a small notebook with pen and most importantly, a pad/tampons. Along with these, it is highly advisable for every woman to carry a small knife/pepper spray for self-defense.

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