The Irresistible Beauty of Afghan Jewelry!

The extravagance of intricately designed pieces of Afghan jewelry has left everyone in the world of fashion and outside mesmerized! Whether it’s a day at the office, or a certain special event, women are able to find the right Afghan earring, the right necklace – just about everything right – for every single occasion!

The history of Afghan jewelry…

Afghan jewelry, thanks to the Kuchi nomads of Afghanistan who are credited for this beautiful creation, are today a worldwide fashion phenomenon. This Pashtun tribe created this extraordinary, and frankly quite expensive pieces of jewelry using some of the most enchanting stones, both precious as well as semi-precious ones. Working these mostly in metal, the final pieces of jewelry were usually so rich and astounding in their beauty, that they were generally worn only on special occasions, such as weddings. Here were other ornaments, made using materials, such as coins, cotton-stung Mora (beads) and even certain natural products, like nuts, clay, and cloves, that were not as costly, and were therefore used on a everyday basis as well.

Afghan jewelry and contemporary fashion…

You have the really pretty floral designs and the charming crescent moon cuts, that are make any piece of jewelry look indelibly Afghan in nature. Then the coin necklaces, which are probably the most versatile of the lot, can be worn with just about any dress you want. Coin choker necklaces, especially, do wonders, when worn with an alluring saree. For that matter, all Afghan chokers have the charm and the ability to turn anyone into a drop dead gorgeous head turner in any party they’re worn to! There are some contemporary pieces made up with German silver, which are again really high on fashion, and just as light on pockets!

Whatever your personal taste in fashion, Afghan jewelry is versatile enough to adjust to your style. It’s a wide range of time-tested designs that you can choose from, and thus make the thousands of years old Pashtun or Kuchi craftsmanship, a part of your personal style statement.

Here you can see some gorgeous Afghan jewelry pieces. Whether extravagant or simple they always manage to catch your attention.

Afghan Jewelry: Trending Now

Afghan jewelries because of their beautiful intricate work, mesmerizing stone inlays and absolute gorgeousness is a world-wide craze now. Well, India is not far behind. One single day have not gone by when we have not spotted a lady proudly wearing a jewelry piece very similar to those traditional Afghan jewelries. In India, the Afghan jewelries available are mostly made up of German silver and glass or enamel inlays. Beautiful floral designs and crescent moon cuts are a must for those contemporary Afghan earrings available in the country.

Celebrity Style

Recently we spotted Athiya Shetty & Deepika Padukone in pretty double layered Afghani earrings which are very similar to those traditional one. From Gauhar Khan to Vidya Balan everyone seems to be a fan of these gorgeous jewelries. See how they flaunt these big statement pieces with no necklace and minimal make-up look.

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