The Exquisite and Exclusive Meera Stone Jewelry

The concept of ‘Meera’ stone jewellery has been to retain, what some would call the natural and a a more imperfect shape of the stone. These careful handcrafted pieces are designed in a way that makes them all appear similar, and yet look unique from one another.


It is said that many of the ancient cultures of the world had people considering these stones to hold a huge significance. Many even link these to various zodiac signs, leading many to believe that these stones, if anything, are extremely beneficial and definitely holy. Of course, modern jewelry designers and fashionistas look upon Meera stone jewelry as being second to none, wherever style and class are concerned.

The journey from stone to jewelry…

The design process for the exclusive pieces of jewelry made out of these precious stones involves a lot of creativity and craftsmanship. After being extracted, they are first thoroughly cleaned, then dried under the sun, followed by heating, chipping, and finally grinding over a hard sandstone surface. It is during this process that these stones acquire their unique shine and beautiful bright colors.

Only after such complex procedure, do these stones land in the hands of an expert karigar, who then carves out intricate and conceptually one-of-a-kind designs out of them.

The name Meera itself derives inspiration from the devotion of Meerabai towards Lord Krishna. And it is almost fortuitous how the jewelry made from these stones is able to signify a similar adoration, so flawlessly!

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