Are You Ready to Jewel Up This Winter?

Winter is season with such a fairytale charm to it. It’s almost too hard to not take that tiara out of the closet and wear it every single day of this season! It’s the time of the year that effortlessly promotes everything that’s beautiful, elegant, and just downright glamorous. To wear those smart jackets and coats, or adorn magnificent shawls, or wear dapper sweaters gives one such a pleasure.

But dressing up without the perfect jewellery is leaving your look incomplete, now isn’t it!

Therefore we have come up with a little jewellery inspiration for you to glam up this winter.

The Forever Classic Pearls

This is one classic gem that doesn’t need any particular season to be worn. But, winters make for a more fitting time to revel in the grandeur of pearls. You could wear elegant drop earrings and white pearls in classic strings; or you could mix pearls with diamonds and create a look of utter glamour! A more classic and traditional look would have you wearing Art Deco and Victorian styles. There’s always a beautiful collection of pearls available at the leading jewellery stores; and you could especially find beautiful pearl jewellry online at reasonable prices.

Have Your Way With Cocktail Rings

Winter is the season of late night parties, and festive drinks. And what better way than a dazzling number on your fingers to complete your ultimate party look? You could make an online jewellery purchase for the perfect cocktail ring by choosing one with a large gemstone. You could go for splendid sapphire, or magnificent ruby. Cocktail rings, after all, are about introducing color in a wonderfully chic way. But parting away from the traditional, you could experiment a bit by introducing diamond in your cocktail ring. That would surely glam up your look by more than a few notches!

You Can’t Go Wrong With Icy Diamonds

When it comes to Diamonds, lack of color is actually considered color. So, pure icy winter white diamonds are literally the point from where the color scale starts for Diamonds. And just like the name suggests, ice-white diamonds go extraordinarily well with low temperatures outside. To give yourself an even more stunning look, you should choose platinum or white gold to go with your magnificent diamonds, this winter!

The Evergreen Brooches

Brooches, especially the ones with sapphires and diamonds in them are probably the easiest way to introduce a hint of luxury in winters. You could have worn a chic coat, or a trendy jumper, or an elegant cardigan, or wrapped yourself in majestic Pashmina – such would be the power of pinning a bejeweled brooch, that it would instantly make you into a classic fashionista! If you buy jewellery online, you would have stumbled across a few collections of awesome brooches. There’s such a wide range available out there, that you’ll easily get the one that looks perfect on you!

These are a few of our favorite glistening and shimmering winter jewellery styles for you. Do you find yourself favoring any particular style? Tell us about it. We’d love to know!

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