Millennial Woman and Her Jewelry: Bringing Fusion Styles into Fashion!

Jewelry has long been a loyal friend to a woman. If chosen well, it completes an outfit and a look, like nothing else does. Indian women, per se, have a wide choice of jewelry to select from, given the occasion, the attire, and the mood. From western contemporary, to a modern Indian, to regional handmade ethnic jewelry – Indian women are literally spoilt for choices when it comes to styling their outfits with the right jewelry.

The question then arises, how to choose from a range so vast, and a collection so rich, while creating a unique style every time? The answer lies in fusion styles. Mixing and matching might sound like a rule breaker to some; but, if you belong to the fashion world, you’d know how it’s one of the only rules worth following!

Otherwise mundane looking, a set of chic bangles lets you easily create a statement. You can pair it with your ethnic attire, or ramp up an Indo western outfit, such as a sleeveless maxi dress, or a long Indian skirt. An ideal set of bangles can make you look fashionable in the most feminine way, at almost any occasion. Similarly, if you’re a fan of the vintage, then antique jewelry might just prove to be your cup of tea. Jewelry that showcase mirror-work with just a hint of the western, go amazingly well with say a pair of jeans worn with an embroidered sleeveless top, or even a simple jumpsuit if you’re only out for a casual night out.

With bracelets, you can create your own unique and a minimalistic charm. An oxidized bracelet works on so many levels, that it’s hard to not pair it with an outfit! While jhumka earrings are powerfully fashionable, making stand apart in a crowd almost immediately, statement earrings are usually more on the subtle side, giving you a sophisticatedly elite look in just a moment’s notice. Nevertheless, both kinds of earrings go extremely well on festive and other traditional occasions. Statement jewelry, although, goes well with both modern as well as ethnic outfits, for both casual parties and weddings or other traditional events.

Shilpa Ahuja’s social fashion influencer features an amazing blog stating how styling of jewelry is an art in itself. It further goes on to say how today’s contemporary and classy fashion is all about creating the right fusion of jewelry, outfit, and occasion! And we couldn’t agree more! For we truly believe that whether you want to go by the book, or think outside the box – with the right kind of jewelry, there’s no look unattainable!

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